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A little bit about me

I am a self taught graphic artist who specializes in digital artwork, mainly in the manipulation of photographs, turning them into something that has the look and feel of a hand drawn pastel portrait. This has been a long haul, yet enjoyable  experience to get me to where I am today.

At a young age you would frequently find me with my pencil and sketch pad sketching a drawing taken from a photograph in a magazine. This grew to the point where I would be asked by friends or family to complete drawings from photographs that they had given me. Word spread and I started to receive more and more commissions for my work.

Because of the work involved in hand drawn art the cost of commissioning artwork can be costly and a lot of people just can't afford, or are not prepared to pay for it. To be a professional artist means competing in a highly competitive market and the state of the economy at this present time doesn't make it easy.

This was always at the back of my mind, however at that time other than lowering your prices there was no other way of giving a customer a quality piece of art at an affordable cost. This however was about to change with the introduction of personal computers and the software that goes with them.

After I purchased my first PC I was given a copy of CorelDraw Suite and that was the point that would set me on the footing to where I am today. To complete quality artwork from photographs at a price that was affordable to all.

Over the years I experimented with both CoreDraw, PhotoShop and its varying filters to produce quality artwork that looked and felt like it had been hand drawn. I had many failures over the years in achieving what I wanted and at times felt like giving up. However with patience and experimenting I started to produce the digital art I wanted. This is when I decided to open an online store offering my services.

You can now purchase this quality artwork at an affordable price. Portraits of your pets, portraits of you and your loved ones or even portraits of your car or motorcycle.

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